Cost savings thanks to their firefighters

News 9 July, 2017
  • Photo Martin Alarie
    The idea of the chief of the fire department of Saint-Colomban, Nicolas Stival, to obtain a new certification could result in significant savings for residents.

    Vincent Larin

    Sunday, July 9, 2017 20:45

    Sunday, July 9, 2017 20:45

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    The residents of Saint-Colomban will be able to save nearly half a million dollars on their homeowners insurance thanks to a new certification that their firefighters come to get.

    Thanks to 14 part-time firefighters, this city of 15 000 inhabitants, is situated on the North Crown of Montreal has obtained a certification still relatively unknown in Quebec, proving that she could provide the same service as if it was equipped with fire hydrants.

    Nearly 6,000 homeowners will be able to claim from their insurers reduce the cost of their home insurance for the equivalent of a half-million dollars.

    The idea came from the director of the fire department of Saint-Colomban, Nicolas Stival. The certification proves that the City is able to supply water to the areas most distant from its territory by tank truck.

    The inhabitants of Saint-Colomban will be able to save 5% to 10 % on the invoice of their home insurance, according to him. “The more a person insured with the same company, the more they can offer big discounts,” explains Nicolas Stival.


    The day of the examination, the 3 June, the firemen of Saint-Colomban had to prove that they were able to provide a flow rate of 200 gallons per minute for two hours.

    Tanker trucks were then filled with large swimming pools placed at a place which had been chosen with the agreement of an inspector of the firm providing the certification.

    The firemen of Saint-Colomban have even asked for help from their neighbours of Mirabel, who had provided a tanker truck in addition to the two they already had.

    “It is not wrong the limit to reach the threshold of success. With only two trucks, it’s almost impossible, ” explains Antoine Ferré, an expert in fire safety for the firm Opta, who was the evaluator on this day.


    “The municipalities that accept to pass the accreditation know that they have the means,” says Antoine Ferré, adding that a single municipality has failed the test since it exists.

    In Quebec, only six or seven municipalities have been granted the same certification as Saint-Colomban for the past ten years, says the head of the firm Opta, Samir Hasbani.

    “There are many small municipalities simply don’t have enough budget to pay for the accreditation “, he adds.

    In addition to the costs related to the assessment day, which amounted to about $ 2500, the municipalities must also have the equipment and personnel available to fulfill the requirements.

    But in Saint-Colomban, as soon as the director fire has presented the project to the city Council, the people immediately lined up behind him, ” said deputy mayor, Steve Gagnon.

    “When people understand the global economy that we can make for our citizens […] I do not see how people could be happy to save $ 100 per year,” says the one who is also in charge of public safety in Saint-Colomban.

    According to him, it is a great news for the citizens.

    “We were already able to provide this service, but now it is official, and the citizens can benefit,” he says.

    Saint-Colomban in figures

    15 821 inhabitants

    29 firefighter volunteers

    2 barracks