Couillard “concerned” by the far-right groups

News 16 August, 2017
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    Marc-André Gagnon

    Tuesday, 15 August, 2017 13:52

    Tuesday, 15 August, 2017 17:35

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    Even if he admits to being “concerned” about the rise of far-right groups, including one that is posted on a highway of Quebec, Philippe Couillard prefers to take on his political opponents, whom he accused of stoking fear.

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    “Unfortunately, these groups are part of the society,” responded the prime minister, after a gigantic banner inviting them to return immigrants to their countries of origin had been hung Monday morning on a pedestrian bridge overlooking the highway Henri-IV.

    “I have already said that freedom of expression allows you to say bullshit. It’s part of what the freedom of expression, said Mr. Couillard. […] They are on the ground of bias, the concern of the people. This phenomenon exists everywhere. […] It concerns me, but I don’t want to give them more importance.”

    A wall on the border

    The liberal leader prefers to attack the leaders of the parti québecois and caquiste, Jean-François Côté and François Legault. The three are engaged, since a few days, a war of words in connection with the massive arrival of asylum seekers haitians.

    After having accused François Legault to be on the verge of claiming the construction of a wall on the u.s.-canada border, Philippe Couillard suspicious now Jean-François Lisée to want the same thing.

    The liberal leader wants to his opponent pq have said, Monday, that an “independent Quebec would respect its border”.

    “It’s a long border,” said Mr. Couillard, during a media scrum. How are you going to do to ensure that person (does) crosses between the border points? It’s going to take a wall, eh, Mr. Lisée! You also want a wall!”

    Fan the flames of fear

    Mr. Couillard also suggested that the discourse of the opposition parties, “of concern to the people, feeding the fear” has to “result” to contribute to endorse the rise of far-right groups.

    “When we call these people “illegal”, when it is said that they crossed the border illegally, one of two things: either we do not know the laws and the conventions, or even worse, we know and we pretend not to know. Then, a little serious”, said the prime minister.

    “He must withdraw his remarks odious immediately” rose up the mp caquiste Nathalie Roy.

    “Mr. Couillard likes to do the lesson to other political parties asking them not to make of amalgam. However, today, it is the only one to make”, she denounced.