Council of federation: lukewarm reception to the process of affirmation of Quebec

News 20 July, 2017
  • Patrick Bellerose

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 19:32

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 19:32

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    The process of affirmation of Québec, unveiled last spring by prime minister Philippe Couillard, was greeted without great enthusiasm to the Council of the federation, which ended Wednesday in Edmonton.

    The first ministers of the provinces have not raised the issue during their press briefings and journalists in English-speaking have not questioned the elected officials on the proposal of the prime minister Couillard.

    Entitled “Québec, our way of being Canadian”, the proposal seeks a reconciliation of Quebec with the rest of Canada in order to undertake any approaches constitutional.

    Mixed reactions

    Questioned by the press in quebec, the provincial premiers, however, have said they want to work with the province of Quebec.

    “As a province, we are ready to work with all the canadian partners to explore opportunities that are good for the citizens”, commented on Wednesday the prime minister of Newfoundland and Labrador, Dwight Ball, during a point of press to the sides of Philippe Couillard.

    However, he stressed that the prime minister Justin Trudeau has already announced that he does not wish to open the constitution of Canada. The decision, said Dwight Ball, is a federal.

    For his part, the prime minister of Manitoba, Brian Pallister, has claimed to have missed the presentation made by the prime minister Philippe Couillard during a breakfast Tuesday morning.

    The prime minister of Nova Scotia, he has simply stated that “Canada is very fortunate to have the premier Couillard as premier of Quebec”, before leaving, ignoring the journalists ‘ questions on the proposal.


    Only the premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, has welcomed the initiative with enthusiasm, stating that it is “probably a discussion inevitable.” “At a certain moment, this discussion will take place in this country,” he said about any constitutional discussions.

    “A chance that such a document was presented by a prime minister from Quebec, as the prime minister Couillard, who is a federalist, which means that Quebec continues to be part of this country, has added Brad Wall. Such a document could have been very different had it been presented by another politician or prime minister, in the past or in the future, which would have a different vision of things.”

    In the entourage of Philippe Couillard, it is no surprise the caution of the first ministers on the issue during their public appearances : the constitutional discussions does not have the rating to the country. In the private discussions, however, this long-term approach has been received positively, assure-t-on.