Counter-narcotics operation: 19 raids against the Hells Angels

News 20 March, 2018
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    Éric Thibault

    Tuesday, march 20, 2018 07:37

    Tuesday, march 20, 2018 07:42

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    Three members in good standing of the Hells Angels, as well as the new lair of the chapter South of the outlaw motorcycle gang, have received the visit of the Squad’s national crackdown on organized crime (ENRCO), Tuesday morning.

    In this new phase of the investigation drug enforcement Objection, more than 120 police officers have been busy conducting 19 searches distributed in several regions on the south and north of Montreal, up in the Outaouais region.

    They have especially targeted the Montérégie, where the Hells the section South come celebrate the 21st anniversary of its foundation earlier this month.

    For the first time since 2009

    For the first time since operation SharQc 2009, the police raided a hideout of the Hells by going to search in the local chapter South, located on the rang Nord Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu.

    The building also serves as the residence of two members of the Hells referred to in this survey, is a veteran of the gang, Bertrand “Ben” Joyal and former Nomads of Ontario, which was recently grafted to the quebec organization, Louis Matte.

    The Journal de Montreal has also shown that Joyal had the same “bad luck” that his colleague Jean-Richard Larivière, a member of the Montreal chapter, during a search, a previous ENRCO in the same survey, since it is him also grab his jacket with the effigy of the Hells, on Tuesday.

    Joyal, 60 years, got its ‘patches’ of a member in good standing of the Hells in 1992.

    All the bunkers that the Hells were in the province had been seized and demolished in the wake of operation SharQc, with the exception of the fortress of the chapter of Sherbrooke whose fate is to be decided by the Court of appeal of Québec in the coming months.

    The list goes on

    The third Hells Angel targeted in the most recent phase of the project Objection is Stéphane Maheu, 47 years old.

    Maheu has been promoted to a member of the chapter South after helping the biker gang to settle officially in the dominican Republic ten years ago.

    The residence of Maheu, located in Roxton Pond, was one of the addresses visited by police Tuesday morning.

    No arrest was made during the operation on Tuesday as the ENRCO is content for the moment to seize narcotics, weapons, and pieces of evidence to support his investigation.

    Since January, the project Objection has conducted about 70 searches, and the confiscation of more than three million dollars in drugs and cash.

    Among other targets of the same investigation, the alleged leader of the Hells, Mario Brouillette, the dean of the band, Michel “Sky” Langlois, the aspirant member Daniel-André Giroux, as well as a suspect of Italian origin that the police combines all the Hells that the mafia and street gangs, Carmelo Sacco Jr.

    The lucrative network of smuggling cocaine and synthetic drugs, which the suspects believed to be linked is well established in Québec, but its activities extend to Ontario.