“Country shit” as their slogan

News 20 January, 2018
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    The site zambiatourism.com recycled an insult from Trump in advertising slogan to attract tourists

    Vincent Larin

    Saturday, 20 January, 2018 00:08

    Saturday, 20 January, 2018 00:08

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    The companies of tourism located in african States which have been treated of “country shit” by the american president Donald Trump have entered the bond to the note to launch advertising campaigns autodérisoires.

    “This desert is so shit that it has not received rain in 200 years, which makes it the oldest desert in the world,” proclaims a false voice of Donald Trump in an advertisement launched by a tourism company in Namibia, Africa.

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    A company of Namibia, Godwana Collection, jumped at the opportunity to create a video autodérisoire to promote the attractions of the country.

    The head of the u.s. government would have been swept away last week during a meeting at the White House when he suggested that the protections relating to immigrants from countries such as Haiti and el Salvador should be restored. It would have treated the affected nations of “country shit” (” shithole countries “) with reference to african countries also.

    Airbnb invests

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    The CEO of Airbnb has boasted on Twitter several homes for rent in different “country shit”.

    Several companies have jumped on the opportunity to attract tourists in their country.

    “We are still trying to break into the american market, but with our budget, it has always been discouraging,” explained the CEO of the tourism Board of Namibia, Digu Noabeb, the online news outlet Quartz.

    Revolted by the words of the american president, the company Airbnb has also promised to invest $ 100,000 in online advertising to promote destinations, such as el Salvador, Haiti and Africa, reported Fortune magazine.

    Sometimes risky

    Although rare, this has nothing to innovative, explains Frédéric Gonzalo, a consultant in digital marketing specializing in tourism.

    “It sometimes happened that the companies are playing with the news to make advertising campaigns, but it needed to be very careful. It can turn against you, ” says the expert.

    He cites the case of the fashion house Kenneth Cole, which had created a controversy by tweeting during the arab spring. The company had associated major events in Egypt to the release of their latest collection of spring.

    This time, the fact that it is the countries targeted by the insult of Trump that recover the blunder of the president to their advantage decreases this risk, said Mr. Gonzalo. But the life of such campaigns is, however, limited.

    “In a week or two, when Trump will make another blunder, we are going to have already forgotten the episode of the “country shit”,”, thinks Mr. Gonzalo.