Court of Moscow has sentenced to prison a man, oblizyvala girl : Crime news : Vladim

News 12 February, 2018

In Moscow court has sentenced the inhabitant of Dagestan to five years in prison for oral sex with a girl. The attacker licked his victims in the night against her will.


Ostankino Moscow court sentenced him to a five-year sentence in prison, the native of Dagestan, who was convicted of sexually abusing a resident of the capital and stealing its property. Appealed the verdict in force has not entered. Date of study appeals not yet assigned.

In September of the past year night in the apartment on the second floor of one of houses of Moscow, where he lived, a local resident, an unidentified man. He, having used physical force, made the victim perform oral sex, then left her apartment, taking with him a watch and a smartphone. A little later, he was arrested. Before to do their work, he struggled with the victim, but promised her that doesn’t want to hurt her or kill her, he just wants to satisfy their physiological needs.