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Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


13 years after the birth of her daughter Coco, Courteney Cox has again want to be pregnant. The actress, 53-year-old would consider a in-vitro fertilisation to achieve this.

In the magazine NewBeauty, Courteney Cox has left to go to some confidences. The actress, 53-year-old reveals a want to be new mom : “I would like so much to have a baby now ” . 13 years after the birth of her daughter Coco as she had with David Arquette, the star dream again of motherhood. Aware that this dream is complicated to perform, at 53, the actress of the series Friends is still ready to take the plunge, supported by her partner Johnny McDaid. And Courteney Cox seems to have already thought of everything : “to tell the truth, I could be a carrier of an egg from someone else. I would be one of the older people doing it, but I would like so much, and Johnny also. I know, it’s crazy, but I would like so much…” she says.

Since 2015, the actress shares the life of Johnny McDaid, an irish musician, member of the group Snow Patrol. Despite some tensions in their relationship last year, the two lovers today seem to spin the perfect love, and thinking seriously to be parents. According to the magazine Ok, Courteney Cox would have already consulted a fertility specialist. A close to the actress confirms this discrete initiative : “of course, Courteney wants to keep this idea secret ultra but even if it doesn’t speak about it openly, she is determined not to lose hope” . A 53-year-old, the actress who has recently regretted to have opted for cosmetic surgery, is in very good health. A very good reason to attempt the journey : “If everyone can do it, Courteney can. She has always taken very good care of it and it has the health of a woman who has ten years of months,” says this close to the actress. Coco may soon no longer be an only child.

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