Coyotes that bite in Montreal

News 10 August, 2017
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    A coyote has been seen by citizens in the Ahuntsic last August 4.

    Antoine Lacroix

    Wednesday, August 9, 2017 23:31

    Wednesday, August 9, 2017 23:31

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    The City of Montreal has hired a trapper to catch coyotes that pose a problem on the island after at least three people have been bitten by these wild animals.

    A dozen citizens have reported the presence of coyotes wandering around in the various parks of the city”, said Anik de Repentigny, communications officer at the City of Montreal.

    “The cases generally involve coyotes who are fed by the human beings or having a unusual behavior, because they are sick or they want to protect their family,” she adds.

    It is not, however, able to confirm that a single animal is causing problems or if there are several.

    Two coyotes were eliminated on Sunday night by a police officer and an agent for the protection of wildlife in the park in the environmental complex of Saint-Michel, confirmed that the ministry of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks, which had installed ” devices at strategic locations to capture “.


    It warns citizens that ” some of the coyotes seem to be accustomed to the presence of the man as they approach passers-by in order to get food “.

    “For the moment, the comments usually follow a course in the same area from the parc Champdoré to the local parks to the west of the avenue Papineau, close to the complexe sportif Claude-Robillard. However, the coyotes can move very easily over very long distances, ” says Ms de Repentigny.

    The coyotes are a risk to be “extremely low” for the security of the population, reminds Anik de Repentigny.

    “In fact, coyotes will not attack humans, they are too timid, says his side Jacinthe Bouchard, a specialist in animal behavior. They mostly go out at night, but we need to stop scaring people with it. “

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    According to it, the public will see more and more coyotes in urban areas due to real estate developments.

    “But there has always been, she says. I’m surprised to hear that coyotes have bitten people. May be is it dogs that look like coyotes ? “, supposes the expert.

    It is strongly advised to avoid close contact with wild animals and feed them. Citizens are asked to be vigilant and to continue their work by reporting the presence of coyotes at S. O. S. Poaching at 1 800 463-2191.