Craftsmen of the eastern Townships and the Beauce is illustrated at the Carnival

News 29 January, 2018
  • Photo Daniel Mallard
    Yet on Sunday, the Quebec winter Carnival has attracted many visitors in the Upper Town. These girls pose in front of the work that has been awarded the Mention of excellence during the national component of the International snow sculpture.

    Dominique Lelièvre

    Sunday, 28 January, 2018 22:34

    Sunday, 28 January, 2018 22:34

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    Despite the rain, the six teams of the International snow sculpture Carnival Quebec were delivered on time to their works on Sunday, in a competition where the regions of Estrie and Beauce are distinguishable.

    The night from Saturday to Sunday was not of any rest to Serge Mercier, Éric Lavallée and Réjean Gagné, originally from the eastern Townships. The three men have had to deal as the others with showers of sleet and rain, making them lose valuable time in a race that lasted only 48 hours.

    Their relentlessness has paid off : the eastern townships have received at the hands of Man the Mention of excellence of the Carnival for their work with the ironic title of Sex Symbol, it represents, however, an ugly fish. “It’s been ten years that we come here and this is the first time that we win, then we are very content “, said Serge Mercier.

    The three friends, who speak of sculpture as a hobby ” just for fun between big people “, walked away with a scholarship of $900.

    Photo Dominique Lelièvre

    Éric Lavallée, Serge Mercier and Réjean Gagné, the eastern Townships have won major honors. “We wanted something fun,” they explained about their fish with big teeth.


    Three prizes

    The South Shore of Quebec city) is also shown, the team of Charny with the second prize. Then, the Beauce region has surprised, his representatives, having won no less than three awards : the Mention of the public, the Mention of volunteers, and the Mention of excellence of the national capital Commission of Quebec.

    The president of the jury, Gilbert Drolet, explained that the winners had been determined according to the aesthetics and the originality of works, but also the technical challenge that they had. Teams of Montréal, Québec and British Columbia would also contribute in this national component.

    A tradition

    The contest, a true Carnival tradition, is this year in its 46th edition. It continues tomorrow as teams from the international component will work to place George-V. The winners will be announced Sunday.

    For its part, the Quebec winter Carnival has drawn up a positive assessment of its first weekend. “We had mother Nature on our side all weekend, we were very lucky because want to, not want to, despite all our efforts, if it is -68, people stay less time outside […]. We are very happy “, commented the director-general, Mélanie Raymond.