Crash Bandicoot N ‘Sane Trilogy: Activision prepares a new Crash game?

Techno 4 July, 2017

Activision seems not to have finished with the favorite marsupial of the players!

We tested Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy here and the least we can say is that we were downright excited about this remake! UK gaming sales exceed the ceiling by doing even better than Hizzone Zero Dawn, so it’s only natural that it gives Activision ideas on the aftermath of Crash’s adventures … Eric Hirshberg who is president and CEO, Activision Publishing has just teaser the arrival of a new game for the series …

In an interview given to, Hirshberg said “We are experimenting with Crash. We know there is a fanbase who wanted his return. But it is impossible to know whether this represents a large audience or just a niche, a small community of nostalgic. For now, we see that there is a real passion (for Crash Bandicoot NDLR), it could lead to other things. “We immediately thought of a remake of Crash Tag Team Racing which is very much asked of course But it could also be a remake of Spyro who is also a cult hero of the JV who knows?