Cristiano Ronaldo hits the jackpot with its new contract

Sport 8 November, 2016

cricri-a-sorti-les-binoclesA Portuguese newspaper said the amount of the new salary of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. Attention it stings the eyes.

That will please his banker. By signing a new extension at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has not only secured a place in the sun until its 36 years, it has also ensured a good mattress biffetons. If Real did not filter his new salary player, the Portuguese daily Correio da Manha did. To believe the newspaper, Cristiano Ronaldo will now receive 23.6 million euros net per season until 2021 . Clearly, at the end of his contract, CR7 will have earned 118 million potatoes. One is left speechless … And yet, it’s not all! The Portuguese also put in the pocket about 50% of his image rights, which could make him earn up to 50 million euros per year. At the same time it is not very surprising, Florentino Pérez had warned he wanted to do the triple Ballon d’Or the player the highest paid in the world.

Cricri took out the binoculars

How to explain such a high salary? Daily Sport may have part of the answer. According to Catalan newspaper, Cristiano would have required to reach 500,000 euros more than Leo Messi , just to show that it is he who has the biggest (payroll). Unclear whether Pérez was able to grant that request a little megalomaniac. For the simple reason that Leo Messi should extend his contract at Barca this season and should logically get a much larger salary than it is currently. Rich problem. Pending a new salary of Pulga, Cristiano had better get back to work to find the consistency that made him one of the best players in the world. Read also: The first impressions of Cristiano Ronaldo after his extension at Real Madrid . According CR7 sure he will live up to such a salary?