Crosscall: Who are the ambassadors of the French brand of outdoor smartphones?

Techno 18 January, 2017

In their daily lives, Crosscall ambassadors are faced with extreme conditions. Three of them made the trip for the presentation of the Trekker-X3 in Paris.
Tuesday January 17 Crosscall organized an event in Paris to present the Trekker-X3, the new outdoor smartphone . Specially designed to withstand extreme conditions, the device is distinguished by its waterproofness, excellent battery life and optimized photo quality. So many qualities that the ambassadors of the mark will soon enjoy to experiment. During the press conference, three of them spoke about their experience with Crosscall smartphones, and their interest in their daily lives. These are Aurélien Ducroz, Olivia Piana and Nicolas Dubreuil, whom meltyStyle wanted to introduce to you.

From left to right, Aurélien Ducroz, Nicolas Dubreuil and Olivia Piana
The 15 ambassadors Crosscall have one thing in common … They move in harsh terms of technology. But thanks to Crosscall they can finally use a smartphone without fear of damage . Aurélien Ducroz is double world freestyle ski champion. He spent six months of the year on the snow, and the other six in a boat. In both cases, Crosscall products are of great use to it … Why? Because they do not fear water or cold! For her part, Olivia Piana is Vice World Champion of Stand Up Paddle, in addition to teaching this discipline. With Crosscall , it can take photos / videos of his students, and show them in stride. Finally, Nicolas Dubreuil is explorer. It lives in a remote location in Greenland, which often records temperatures close to -40 °. You imagine ?! Thanks to Crosscall, he can communicate with his relatives, and warn the authorities in case of danger. We hope soon with their return on the Trekker-X3. Like them, are you interested in the new Crosscall smartphone?