Cruise to$ 1 Million supported by Michaëlle Jean: St-Pierre requires accounts

News 20 March, 2018
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    The minister of international Relations Christine St-Pierre

    Alexandre Robillard

    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 18:13

    Tuesday, 20 march, 2018 18:15

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    The minister of international Relations Christine St-Pierre asked the OIF to lift the veil on the financial structuring of a project proposed by Michaëlle Jean.

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    Ms. St-Pierre believes that the international Organization of the francophonie (OIF) should give more details concerning the cruise ship, the Hermione.

    “I think that it is necessary that the financial arrangement be clear. It is necessary to say how this adventure is funded, it is normal,” she said Thursday in an interview with our Bureau of investigation.

    Up to now, the OIF has refused to reveal the sources of funding of the cruise, which has a hundred francophone sponsored by the organization.

    Estimates that have been circulated internally have estimated the total budget to $ 1 million. The director Adama Ouane said that only 445 000 $ was paid in the form of a grant to the owner of the boat.

    Despite our repeated requests, no details have been given on the costs of transport, accommodation, visa fees of participants and the budget of the activities during stopovers in the Mediterranean.

    While Quebec and Canada had suggested to the OIF the use of private partners, it has so far been unable to learn more about the agreements.

    Ms. St-Pierre recalled Thursday that the quebec government had encouraged the IOF to find other sources of funding, last summer, for the voyage of the Hermione.

    “When we were asked to contribute to this adventure we said no, we have an important contribution to the OIF, we are part of the five largest contributors, and we do not find relevant in this project there is funded,” she said.


    The prime minister Philippe Couillard has called for a more transparent Mrs John, when he met her recently in Paris.

    This request occurred in particular after the publication of the reports of our Bureau of investigation, outlining the expenditure of $ 500,000 by the OIF for the design of the apartment according to Ms. Jean in Paris.

    Ms. St-Pierre said on Thursday that the reports have prompted the quebec government to demand more transparency.

    “You have, in the media, raised some important questions. We did not wait necessarily mean that you ask them. There are questions that arise.”

    It is normal for an institution such as the OIF, to be held accountable, said the minister.

    “It is said that he may need to go further. People now are more demanding.”

    According to the minister, “it is normal, it is the taxpayers’ money.”