Crusade for life this weekend in Nicolet

News 8 March, 2018
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    Alexander, son of Francis Pelletier and Sonia Blain

    Patricia Hélie

    Thursday, march 8, 2018 19:51

    Thursday, 8 march, 2018 20:09

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    There are several ways to make the grief of a child. Francis Pelletier and Sonia Blain, despite the grief they live, have chosen to celebrate life by organizing a big crusade this weekend at Nicolet, in Centre-du-Québec.

    Their son, 27 years of age, Alexander died of a drug overdose in January last, possibly after having consumed fentanyl.

    Quickly, the idea of breaking the isolation of people who suffer from the effects of the addiction was born. During two days, participants will discuss the beauties of life and self-esteem, but also pain of living, of dependence and of mourning.

    “I couldn’t stay arms crossed and do nothing, said Mr. Pelletier. I had to give a meaning to the death of my son.”

    And immediately, hands went up to give it a thumbs up. Fifty volunteers have been added to the project, more than a dozen speakers.

    When he learned of the death of his son, Francis Pelletier was on the point of publishing a book that he wanted to be a balm for the heart and soul. It has added 16 pages to the aftermath of the tragedy, including a letter to his son that he had written while he was still alive. The book is called “I wish you”.