Cry of alarm of a union of the CHUM

News 13 December, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 19:26

    Wednesday, 13 December 2017 19:28

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    MONTREAL | One of the unions that represents more than 2,000 workers of the new CHUM denounces gaps that persist since the inauguration of the new hospital. The Alliance’s professional and technical staff is concerned that these flaws threaten the safety of patients.

    In a photograph taken by the union APTS, we can see medical waste that accumulate and who would not be disposed of safely in large plastic containers. Patients do not have access to, but the union believes that the medical technologists may be affected.

    “This can cause contamination risks for our employees who handle these bags-there”, explained Nathalie Chalifoux of the APTS.

    On the side of the CHUM, we explain this problem by referring to delays in the delivery truck vehicles, self-guided. “There is a part that is arriving. The other party is going to happen in the middle of the year, so in the middle of the month of January,” said Irene Marcheterre, spokesperson for the CHUM.

    Capsules containing samples and samples from patients and from health care units accumulate on a floor of the laboratory due to a lack of staff, according to the union.

    “There are still standards to be met. Some analyses must be made immediately, otherwise there is a possible degradation of the specimen,” added Ms. Chalifoux.

    The direction of the CHUM said not to have been aware of.

    Patients must also wait for long hours in the center of levy, sitting often on the edge of the windows, due to lack of space. There would be a lack of attendants at the reception.

    The CHUM said to be a victim of its success. “I reminded the population that the CLSCS have collection centres. The Notre-Dame hospital is now fully functional and operational,” continued Ms. Marcheterre.

    The APTS is also concerned that the 350 medical technologists of the laboratory, who must work with new devices, have not received adequate training, which often forces them to resume testing. The training was an hour, then it was to be a day.

    For its part, the direction of the CHUM ensures that patient safety is not at stake. As for the training, she is committed to giving more to those who need it.