Cut short by a snow thrower: A final tribute to Michelle Solaye

News 10 December, 2017
  • Arnaud Koenig-Soutière

    Saturday, December 9, 2017 19:18

    Saturday, December 9, 2017 23:39

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    The family and the family of Michelle Solaye Mane Tchoutouo, this young girl of eight years who has lost life after being caught by a snow thrower last week, he made a last farewell full of emotions on Saturday night.

    Some 250 people gathered at the church of Saint-Pierre-aux-liens, Charlesbourg, to salute the memory of the young girl.

    Photo By Pascal Huot

    More than 250 people came to say goodbye to the little girl disappeared.

    “My family feels comforted. I say thank you to this wonderful population. You are beautiful. Without you, we would not be standing today “, testified, acknowledging, the father of the victim, Hypolyte Tchoutouo.

    A few hours before the ceremony, the family received the visit of cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix, at his home. “A beautiful exchange “, according to the man of the Church, one of the many people who moved to the family’s apartment since the tragedy that rocked the cameroonian community of Quebec.

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    “It affects us greatly,” said his side the mother, Josiane. “We took our forces. It has really taken over our forces, especially me, because it was really very wrong. I would like to thank the population. The whole world is involved. We really thank them. “

    The eldest of Michelle Solaye also advanced to the lectern to say a few words in tribute to his little sister.

    “Solaye, I know that you hear me. All I have to say is “protect us, give us health”. We think of you, and we love you, ” expressed Vanessa, 12 years old.

    A community that stands

    Photo By Pascal Huot

    The family of Michelle Solaye shared his gratitude to the people that support them since the tragedy.

    The words were to Hypolyte Tchoutouo to express his gratitude and appreciation to the people of his community and all those who have lent their support to the family.

    “The house is filled all day. It has messages of sympathy every minute of the donations come from everywhere, people we don’t know who come to us. It is incredible, the population of Quebec “, he started, by multiplying the thanks.

    The Tchoutouo had sought the assistance of the public in order to help support the family during this difficult time. The father is studying at the University of Laval, while the mother is off work, she barely had time to begin his account. The generosity of the public helped raise more than $ 3,000 up to now.

    Among the hundreds of people came to show their support, was a distinguished figure of the muslim community of Quebec, Boufeldja Benabdallah.

    “It is a brotherhood that binds us to this family. It is by sympathy, by friendship. “

    Photo By Pascal Huot

    A table on which were placed objects dear to the eyes of Michelle Solaye.

    The help of Ottawa

    The next stop of the family grieving is Cameroon. The body of Michelle Solaye will be repatriated to his country of origin, Wednesday, to honour a tradition which wants that the child be brought to his final resting place in the native village of the father.

    The family Tchoutouo, however, would have been able to have a bad surprise once in Africa. The members of the family should officially receive their canadian citizenship on 16 December, the same day on which the deceased girl would have celebrated her 9th birthday.

    However, they will fly to the african continent on Friday, the eve of their citizenship ceremony.

    “I am a citizen who arrived in a similar situation and spent three months there. It has been proactive to ensure it doesn’t happen again, ” said the conservative mp Pierre Paul-Hus, who came to offer his condolences to the relatives of the girl.


    “We are with them wholeheartedly. They feel good in this beautiful city, and that life continues. It is with them, we think of them and pray for them. “– Boufeldja Benabdallah, co-founder of the islamic cultural Centre of Quebec

    “We really saw a manifestation of solidarity since the event occurred. We have seen the solidarity of the people of Quebec. We knew that the people were in solidarity, but with the house filling up with people we don’t know about… It affects us a lot. “– Calvin Mbouemboue, close friend of the family