Cycling increases sexual desire in women

Techno 18 March, 2018

2018-03-18 13:34

Cycling increases sexual desire in women
According to the investigation conducted by scientists from the University of Berkeley (USA), women who regularly engaged in Cycling are experiencing a heightened sexual desire.

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Libido is higher, reports Rus.Media.

The doctors took a group to research, consisting of more than 3,000 women. Half of these women regularly travels by bike. Compare indicators of health and especially the condition of the genitourinary system. Also took into account their age, body mass index, musculoskeletal system and heart.

The results obtained showed that on the one hand the passion for Cycling increases the rate of infectious urogenital diseases. This is due to the fact that the seats regularly puts pressure on the organs and pushes the infection into the body.

On the other hand, the bike has a positive effect on the sexual life of women. They rarely suffer from sexual disorders and a lot more sex than women not related to Cycling.