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Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017


The son of Vincent Bolloré, Yannick Bolloré, is expressed during a press conference about Key not at my post. In particular, it is income on the controversy following the hoax homophobic Cyril Hanouna…

He considers himself a “close friend ” to Cyril Hanouna. Yannick Bolloré, the son of the boss of Canal+ group, Vincent Bolloré, returned this morning on the controversy of the hoax homophobic released on may 18 in Key not at my post. If this passage has struck some people, it is sad, he felt in front of an audience of journalists the media, as reported by the Parisian. It is well to be excused. ” But the boss of the giant of the communication Havas has also made some criticisms vis-à-vis the behavior of the host-star of C8. Has the place of Cyril, I would have made a break, he explained. This is what I told him. It would have calmed down the situation.


It is to him, and to his father, that had the hard task to extinguish the fire caused by the blunders of Cyril Hanouna. A complicated period, even for them, accustomed to the management of crisis. “It was horrible to manage, confessed to the boss of 37 years. We were the first to call the advertisers and tell them to remove themselves from the issue, not that the controversy their falls over.


Yannick Bolloré has held to defend his friend, arguing that Cyril Hanouna was anything but homophobic. But, according to him, to animate such a program involves heavy responsibilities. And it is not private to the mind indirectly to the facilitator. When we find ourselves at the head of a show that brings together many of the viewers, we can’t do as if it was on the radio or in the third part of the evening. Given the list of new columnists who are expected to join TPMP at the beginning, almost all from the major mainstream media and highly respected in their community, it seems that Cyril Hanouna has finished, follow the advice of his friend Yannick Bolloré, and is now seeking to win serious.

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