Dailymotion: a massive hacking 85 million accounts

Techno 7 December, 2016

dailymotionThe French giant of online video was hacked about 85.2 million accounts (email addresses).
Hacking, who’s next? After Dropbox, Yahoo and many other examples, the online video site Dailymotion has suffered around 20 October last massive piracy, about 85.2 million accounts (email addresses, and in one fifth of cases, also the words of past).

This is the English-speaking specialist press which revealed the information Monday. Little information has leaked about the nature of hacking or his (or her) authors and their intentions, especially as Dailymotion, owned by Vivendi, has not yet reported on the subject despite the request of the Tribune. M ais the company has indirectly confirmed to have been hacked via a blog post published on Tuesday, 6 December. The bill encourages users to change their password:

“We learned that following an external security problem Dailymotion, the passwords of a number of accounts may have been compromised. The hack appears to be limited and would concern any personal information,” the blog post.
The passwords were encrypted
Dailymotion, established in 2005, claims more than 137 million unique visitors monthly active in the world, 3 billion video views. According to Alexa site, it would be the 113th most visited website.

Good news: the practice platform encryption on passwords, using Bcrypt protocol. This means that some 18 million stolen passwords may not be exploitable by hackers because indecipherable.

In all cases, it is recommended that users change their password. And verify that the combination “email + password” was not the same for other sites Dailymotion. In this case, it would be prudent to change the password on other sites also.