Damso only dresses in Rosemark but he does not let anything filter on his clothing brand!

Techno 25 April, 2017

In full promotion for the release of his album Ipséité, Damso regale us by displaying with sapes signed Rosemark on his Instagram. Here are the best pieces of his clothing brand.
“Kietu” Damso? (To take the title of a piece of the Belgian MC on his new project) This is the question that we want to ask the rapper of the 92i, awaiting the release of his album Ispéité which is scheduled for Friday 28 April. In full promotion for his new opus which looks very nwaar, the interpreter of Fear of being sober continues to amaze us on Instagram. After indirectly announcing the future release of his clothing brand, Damso makes us languish while dressing essentially in Rosemark. Between sweat and crewneck, here is the best of the pieces carried by the Belgian rapper.
A few days after the release of his second album called Ipséité (which you can preorder here), Damso feeds a nwaar mystery around his clothing brand. Apart from his appearances in Rosemark mode, the rapper gave no information about his fashion project. Pis, the editor of meltyStyle asked repeatedly, a new interview with the rapper who told us about his lifestyle, on the occasion of the release of Battery Low in 2016 . But at the time of writing, we still have not had a positive response. It must be said that Damso prefers to focus his promotion on his new album that looks very heavy, and that is understandable !