Danew: Getting started with the Konnect 560 Cinepix, the smartphone equipped with a pico projector!

Techno 8 March, 2017

Danew presented heavy at the MWC. The French manufacturer who has already collaborated with Rohff and Blaise Matuidi unveiled a smartphone and a tablet that are equipped with a pico projector. We took the Konnect 560 Cinepix and here are our impressions!
Danew is constantly innovating. The French manufacturer who has regaled us, collaborating with Blaise Matuidi or Rohff on the supernatural R500 that we could test , unveiled its novelties at the MWC 2017 Barcelona. And this time, Danew offers us an immersive videogame experience with a smartphone and an unprecedented tablet . Both products are equipped with a pico projector. Basically , you’ll be able to project what you’re looking at in your device, wherever you want . It’s really cool. In the editorial, we had the opportunity to take in hand the smartphone christened Konnect 560 Cinepix and the experience was really not bad.
The Konnect 560 Cinepix is ​​not a smartphone like any other. The first of a line of products dedicated to projection, this Device equipped with a portable projection system has enough to put you in full view. Thanks to Danew’s smartphone , you can project what you see on the screen of your device on a support or a white wall . Yes, you read well. Photos, videos (local or streaming), documents … you can project everything. And all this, without taking a head. The projection can be turned on and off automatically by operating the lens cover. But that’s not all. The hardware of the Konnect 560 Cinepix is ​​no exception.
Its configuration makes it the flagship of the Konnect range of smartphones. Its screen offers a diagonal of 5.5 inches with curved edges for a resolution in FullHD 1080p. The smartphone that runs on Android 5.1 with 3GB of RAM has a 32GB storage expandable via a microSD card. Good if not, it is a heavier chouia than a Galaxy S7 (next, the smartphone of Samsung is less fast than a Huawei Mate 9) but, there is not enough to make a dish. The Danew smartphone which is also equipped with a fingerprint reader and a camera an 8Mpx sensor and back a 13Mpx sensor from Sony coupled with an LED flash seems to have more than one trump in its chassis. Its release is planned in the next days, at the price of 649 euros.