Dangerous dogs: the sister of Christiane Vadnais continues its fight

News 11 March, 2018
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    Sunday, march 11, 2018 14:12

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    MONTREAL | Lisa Vadnais, the sister of Christiane Vadnais, who was killed in a dog attack in June 2016 in Montreal, with the intention of continuing his fight to ban pitbulls in Quebec.

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    She will participate in the 20 march and the consultations on the draft law that aims to prohibit this type of dogs in Quebec.

    Earlier this week, Ms. Vadnais had confided that she feared that the government Couillard is decreasing in its intention to ban pit bull type dogs in Quebec.

    “I still trust that it was not put there for nothing in this bill there, she said in an interview with LCN Sunday morning. It was written clearly, with a category for the pitbulls and a category for dangerous dogs. It is especially necessary to properly inform the people; there is so much bad information circulating that this is it that night the more to the bill.”

    According to her, the draft law has been “well worked”. In the current proposal, the owners of the pitbull will keep, but it would become impossible to acquire new ones, explained Ms. Vadnais. The other dogs are “dangerous” will be very supervised.

    “We love dogs; I’m a lover of dogs, but I don’t want the dog to be dangerous for the human. I don’t want my neighbor to fear the dog that I have in my court,” she said.

    Severity of injury

    According to the figures that advance Ms. Vadnais, type dogs pitbulls are over represented in dog attacks, not to mention the seriousness of the injuries they can cause.

    “Not all of the dead. When there is a death, like my sister, Christiane, we talk about it, she said. It is a terrible tragedy, but we must not forget that there has been a lot of people who have been attacked and which are marked for the rest of their days.”

    As to the argument that there are no bad dogs, only bad masters, it is not in compliance.

    “It is a pity, but this is not how it works. For the pitbulls, among others, one need not look far, there are plenty of examples, has raised Ms. Vadnais. Dogs who have been pampered, loved, and has since they are all small. Suddenly, at the age of 2 years, 6 years, 9 years, is going to attack for the first time.”

    The prohibition of this type of dog is, according to it, a question of “public safety”.

    “People will say “my pitbull is super nice”. Yes, but it may be that it attack. You can’t take a chance in our society,” she said.