Dangerous games: Sex toy brought Brit to the hospital

News 19 December, 2017

The British inflicted serious injuries after unsuccessful use of toys from sex shop.


Drunk 53-the summer man went to the hospital with a huge Dildo in the anus and complained of a sharp pain.

The man explained that the toy was out of control and stuck.
After x-rays revealed that in the abdominal cavity of a resident of the UK is a foreign object.

After examination, doctors found that there was a perforation of the intestine.
Sex toy not included into the rectum at a right curve and struck the wall of the colon.

The doctor managed to get the item, but had to remove part of the colon and set colostomies bag.

It was noted that this is the only case of this kind, because of the huge size of the Dildo, which doctors had to face.