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Entertainment, Techno 5 July, 2017


Last may, David Pujadas was ousted by France 2 for France Télévisions. Wednesday, according to an indiscretion of Duck Along, it was appri that the reporter of 52-year-old could bounce back with LCI.

Nothing is official yet, following the career of David Pujadas, ousted from France 2, seems inevitable. As we learned last June that it would be replaced by Anne-Sophie Lapix, new information appeared in the Duck Chained.

The journalist, shot dead by the news of his ouster, could join a chain competitor : the drafting of the LCI. His new job would be to host a broadcast of news between 18h and 20h, if we are to believe the proposal of Thierry Thuillier, director of LCI. But for the moment, viewers are still waiting for its official announcement…

It is LCI that David Pujadas has made its first weapons after graduating as a journalist and a known experience. He presented to the newspapers for 7 years, between 1994 and 2001, before specialising in political subjects, and to join France 2, in succession to Claude Sérillon, party from in the world of politics and publishing.

According to information of Tv Entertainment, the presenter would also have been in contact with a manager of BFM TV : news channels continuously make her eyes soft.

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David Pujadas

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