Davie would have been dismissed illegally

News 12 December, 2017
  • Guillaume St-Pierre

    Monday, December 11, 2017 23:44

    Monday, December 11, 2017 23:44

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    OTTAWA | The federal government has illegally rejected the shipyard Davie of its strategy of shipbuilding, writes an eminent lawyer, who asks Justin Trudeau to repair this injustice urgently.

    “The canadian prime minister has in the hands to remove the appearance of injustice’, speaks of his office in Quebec Me André Joli-Coeur.

    The prominent lawyer on Monday presented a legal opinion on behalf of the Foundation, business Leaders, an organization that represents providers of Davie.

    In its opinion, Me Joli-Coeur barks vif, the national shipbuilding procurement Strategy Ottawa.

    “Compensation “

    The lawyer believes that the call for tenders at the end of which Davie has been dismissed in 2011, has violated the competition Act and the canadian Constitution.

    He called, therefore, “within the meaning of the independence” of the government of canada to ensure that “justice” be done ” to the workers of Davie “. Remember that some 400 employees have been dismissed in the last weeks, because of lack of work.

    The current federal government should provide any “emergency” to a ” compensatory reparation “.

    This compensation must take the form of a new boat tanker for the royal canadian Navy, according to the lawyer emeritus.

    But Ottawa repeat for weeks, and not need it, even if the parliamentary reports say the opposite.


    At the present time, the canadian Navy is dependent on countries such as Chile to refuel its ships off the coast of Canada.

    “Justin Trudeau needs to modernize the Navy and make it truly independent,” says Mr. Pretty-Heart.

    For the moment, Davie does not favour the judicial route, according to the spokesperson for Frederick Boisvert. “We want contracts from the federal,” says-t it. Ottawa did not wish to comment Monday.