Died Indian actor Shashi Kapoor

News 6 December, 2017

Died a famous Indian actor Shashi Kapoor. The actor died today at 80-m to year of life.


Kapoor has passed away after a long illness. Before he got to the hospital with a lung infection.


Shashi Kapoor was the representative of the second generation of acting dynasty of Kapoor. His first adult role, he was in the movie “Son of destiny” in 1961. It can also be seen in such films as “the Landlord”, “Mr. Shakespeare”, “Bombay movie”, “Season of love”.
During his life, Kapoor has acted in 116 films in Hindi and eight in English. In addition, he acted as a Director, removing the Soviet-Indian project “the Black Prince Adjuba”. Married with a colleague in the creative workshop of the UK Jennifer was Kendallo, who died as a result of oncological disease in 1983. Six years ago he was awarded government award Padma Bhushan.