Dirty from the inside out

News 30 September, 2017
  • Benoît Philie

    Friday, 29 September 2017 20:59

    Friday, 29 September 2017 20:59

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    The restaurant The House of Ho in Lachine was so dirty, moldy and grimy in the last year that inspectors and food safety have prompted the owners to do a general cleaning in depth.

    “The majority of the cooking equipment had [an] accumulation of food residue charred [and] fat forming behind the scenes “, said the inspectors in their report after a visit to the trade in 2016.

    They have also found that a trash can was used as a work table by one of the cooks.

    The restaurant of chinese food, located at 1800 rue Notre-Dame, has been sentenced to a fine of $ 1,250 on August 4, to ” uncleanliness widespread “.

    Mold, mildew, and decay

    The whole of the premises, the kitchen plunges to the basement, as well as the majority of the equipment and utensils were covered with fat and dirt, but also dust and mould in places.

    “In front of the stove, there was a table on which the work surface in the wood was blackened by the mold near food and utensils “, said.

    “On the rim of the hoods [venting] as well as on the piping system of fire, directly above containers not covered containing ingredients for the preparation, there were droplets of fat and a pile of dust on the filters above the woks […] “, observed the officers of the food inspection.

    The shelves inside one of the refrigerators were also covered with a sticky layer of dirt, mold, mildew, and remaining foods that stood out easily, close containers of food. Accumulations of decaying food have also been discovered under the cooking equipment in the kitchen.

    In the kitchen, there were cookers-containing cooked rice in which the outer surfaces were yellowed and sticky.

    “I open to view the content and I found that there was a layer of yellow fat, as well as the mold on the inner surface of the lids […] “, wrote a reviewer.

    They have recommended a complete cleaning of the restaurant as well as the establishment of a schedule for keeping it clean at all times.

    The owner of The House Ho did not return calls from the Journal.

    It is necessary to wait several months after an offence for a judge to hear the case and make its award. The details of these judgments have been obtained as the result of a request for access to information.


    Extract from the report

    “There was dust mixed with fat on the shelves for storage of food containers in the kitchen. “– The inspectors


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