Disappearance of Ariel: “and if it was yours what would you do?”

News 19 March, 2018
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    The tragedy that the family lives of the little Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou, disappeared for a week in the heart of Ahuntsic in Montreal, is no stranger to Christiane Sirois, the mother of Sébastien Métivier, missing since 34 years.

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    She visited the site where the research is in progress to find the little Ariel.

    “We went to give hope to the parents, tell them to never give up. After 34 years, it was always a hope, so it is important to stick together,” said Sirois in an interview with the issuance of The 9 Hours.

    “There were a lot of volunteers, police officers who were doing door-to-door. It is incredible, it is almost as if one is in a state of war. In my time, it didn’t happen like that. There was no service like that. Thank god, it moves to the small Ariel”, describes Ms. Sirois.

    She disagrees, however, that while the world didn’t seem to want to talk to the police officers who knocked on the door.

    “Me, I was injured a little bit, is that they knocked from door to door and there are doors that wouldn’t open. I found it sad because I said to myself: “and if it was yours what would you do?”” denounced the woman.

    She believes that the fear would prevent some of them might be talking about. “You need to put the fear aside when a child is in danger”, she adds.

    Moreover, no information has been advancing the investigation of the disappearance of Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou. He vanished without a trace. Investigators do not exclude any possibility.

    As for Sébastien Métivier, he was 8-years-old when he was abducted on 1 November 1984.

    It has been seen for the last time in the early evening on the street Adam, in the district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

    His friend Wilton Lubin, 12, kidnapped at the same time, has been found dead a month later in the St. Lawrence river, near Charron island.