Disappearance of David Fortin: there is still hope after 9 years

News 9 February, 2018
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    The mother of David Fortin, Caroline Lachance, do not lose hope of one day find his son who today would be 23 years.

    Pierre-Alexandre Maltais

    Friday, 9 February 2018 00:00

    Friday, 9 February 2018 00:00

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    There will be nine years tomorrow that the young David Fortin was last seen in Alma, before disappearing without explanation while he was waiting for the school bus in which he is never mounted. The Journal went to meet his mother, Caroline Lachance, who refuses to lose hope despite the passing of time tirelessly.

    Nine years later, how are you feeling on the eve of the 9th anniversary of the disappearance of your son ?

    “It is always a stress, always emotions. It reminds us of good memories and we must take it one day at a time. It seems that during the days that pass during the year, it is different, but when it comes to the days close to the anniversary, it is sure that it comes in search of us more. “

    Is the hope of the find inspires you as much after all this time ?

    “Always, because it is that which holds us. If I lose that hope then I think I would die. I would not be able to continue. What makes you hopeful, it is that of the people around us to help us, encourage us and support us. It still has a daughter that is always there and who needs the rest of us. If David was coming back tomorrow morning, he would be still there also. “

    The publication of the portrait of David in 2016, she helped to move things forward ?

    “There is always information that emerges when we go out in the media. This information must be validated, but it always ends up that it is false information. It is not discouraged for as much. A given time, it will be good. “

    The investigators do they communicate with you again about the reports of people who believe they have seen David ?

    “Yes, perhaps once per month. When I need, I call and I can [their] talk immediately. It is always reports that come from the Quebec city, Montreal. These are people who think they have seen or that someone has the same name. “

    Do you believe that bullying is the cause of the disappearance of David ?

    “It is certain. David was a victim of bullying for a very long time. It is sure that we do not know if this is what is at the origin, that is, what you think. There had been threats on the eve of his departure. “

    What would you say him if he could hear you today ?

    “That I love, that I wait all the time, that’s my boy and it will always be. This is not what happened I want to know, it is more of the take, of the paste, and give him all the love he needs. I don’t really want to know why he left and what happened during these nine years. If he wants to talk about it, it is up to him to decide, but we do not know, may be it is retained. Do not know, it is always this that is the hard part. “

    The letter from Caroline Lachance to his son David

    Still waiting…

    Nine long years.

    Year of courage and strength.

    Year difficult and painful to wait for.

    Year to always keep hope.

    This hope is very much present and important to maintain.

    I sometimes have the impression that only one or two years have passed since that day when you are gone.

    But I realized fairly quickly that several years have already passed without you by our sides.

    Several good times without you to be with us to laugh, to celebrate, to travel.

    I confess that it is the unconditional love I have for you, who gives me the strength and courage to get through this ordeal.

    Proof that I still find hard, too.

    But I am your mom forever and I’ll wait with open arms, with all the love you need.

    Continue to move forward step by step.

    I hope that the hope that I keep will bring me one day in you live, but I know that maybe you’re not there.

    I’m not naïve.

    But I remain confident that anything is possible.

    Always hoping that you are well where you are.

    Whatever happens or happened.

    My beautiful David, love

    My only boy, as desired

    I love you…and I will always love you.

    I wait for you with your father, your sister, your family

    At home, your house, my love.

    Mother for life xxxx

    Caroline XX