Disappearance: the mother of the friend of Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou numb

News 15 March, 2018
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    Thursday, 15 march, 2018 09:01

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    “I’m a mother, I have contributed to that”, said sobbing Diakite Mainoina, the mother of the friend in whom Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou was little, before disappearing.

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    To her home by our reporter, the teacher argues that it is the first or the second time that Ariel goes alone to her home.

    “The father of Ariel, it is a father and very conscientious. When his son comes here, he comes looking for it. When Ishmael leaves home, he comes to the table. I open the door, he gives me my son,” she explained.

    Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou has left his home Monday to join his friend Ismael Kone. This last was, however, not in him.

    Surveillance cameras, of two shops in the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville have captured the movement of the 10-year old boy.

    Research is ongoing to try to find the little Ariel.

    Any information can be passed on to 911 or Info-Crime Montreal at 514 393-1133.

    ►Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou

    ►Speaks French

    ►Age: 10 years

    ►Weight: 40 kg (88 lb)

    ►Size: 140 cm (4 ft., 5 inches)