Disaster: more than 70 newly elected members trained by civil Security

News 22 March, 2018

    Patricia Hélie

    Thursday, march 22, 2018 14:30

    Thursday, march 22, 2018 14:30

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    THREE-RIVERS – The floods of last spring may have left a bitter taste in many municipalities. Some have had to learn more quickly than others. And to prepare for the new elected officials to all forms of disasters, the regional directorate of civil Security for the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec has decided to meet all the new elected officials.

    The organization offers a one-day training during which we will educate elected with respect to different disasters and what they imply. These can be natural (landslide, forest fire) or human (explosion, major fire). They will also present the key stakeholders in the field and their role.

    In a nutshell, one wishes to prepare them to cope in all situations that require the application of the emergency measures plan. For example, municipalities have an emergency number available 24 hours on 24? If yes, is there someone to answer the phone all the time?

    “Those who had one last year, for some it was always busy, told TVA News Sébastion Doire, regional director of civil Security. Therefore, aware of the fact that if they put in place a number of emergency telephone 24 hours, it is necessary for people to be able to join them.”

    With the historic floods of the spring of 2017, some elected officials have had to learn quickly. This is the case of the mayor of Nicolet, Geneviève Dubois, who had been in post for just six months when the floods hit his municipality. In a few weeks, she has acquired enough experience to be able to today-for the benefit of the other.

    “It is necessary to take the situation seriously. It takes one good plan of communication and it must be present on the premises because more requests arrive, and we must understand them. If we don’t understand, we tend to “challenger” our co-ordinator who made requests: is it really useful? Is this a luxury? So if you are in the field, we win a lot of time and effectiveness”, said the mayor Dubois.