Discover the secrets of the Château Frontenac

News 23 December, 2017
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    Saturday, December 23, 2017 19:52

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 19:52

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    The Château Frontenac, one of the images most associated with Quebec, will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2018. Yet, the building still keeps secrets and hides many unknown places.

    The Castle opened its doors in 1893 and quickly became a symbol of the city, but also of the province. This is why it will be celebrated this year.

    “Several shows are open to the general public. The exhibitions are of course open to the general public. This will really be a year of promotion and celebration,” says Robert Mercure, general manager of the establishment.

    An event that changed the world

    Next August, we will commemorate also the 75th anniversary of the Québec Conference, which was held at the Castle.

    “It is an event which helped end the Second world War. [Winston] Churchill, [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt and [William Lyon] MacKenzie King were here,” says Robert Mercure.

    “The famous key”

    From the basement up to the roof, the behind-the-scenes of the iconic building is fascinating and is home to so many unknown places that illustrate its history.

    Former passages, ex-canopy, entrance door, original : all these unknown places of the Castle are accessible with a single key.

    “If we lose the’ key ‘ that opens all doors, you must change all the barrels to the Castle. It is not that she is expensive, but all the barrels,” explains Frank Cuellar, technical director of the castle.