Discussions behind the scenes to raise the salary of mps

News 7 December, 2017
  • Photo Simon Clark
    Québec solidaire opposed to the speedy adoption of a draft law that would compensate elected for a monetary loss caused by the taxation at the federal level of their allocation of expenditure. “We didn’t want to endorse it,” said Manon Massé.

    Charles Lecavalier

    Thursday, 7 December 2017 00:00

    Thursday, 7 December 2017 00:00

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    Québec solidaire denounced the maneuvers “on the sly” to the national Assembly to increase the salary of elected representatives to compensate them for the future taxation by the federal government of their expense allowances.

    Our parliamentary Bureau has learned that QS has been contacted on Tuesday by the vice-president of the national Assembly, François Ouimet, who submitted a proposal on behalf of the committee on the allowances of the Office of the national Assembly (NSS). “He wanted an early adoption of a draft law,” explains Ms. Massé in an interview.

    “It was not acceptable that the process is done too quickly, before the Holidays, on the sly, the last day before the suspension of the work “, she lamented.

    According to Ms. Massey, Mr. Ouimet was seeking the agreement of the three members of parliament of the left party. The deadline for the filing of a piece of legislation that may be adopted by the end of the session has passed : he would have had a unanimous support for a bill to be filed, and then adopted tomorrow full steam ahead, without debate.

    Québec solidaire has flatly refused : “We didn’t want to endorse it. This way of proceeding does not seem to us of all the good, ” quipped Ms. Massé. “It is an issue of public interest. The people of quebec is interested in the issue of mps ‘ remuneration. It has been known since April the intention of the federal government and it comes to us with something that needs to be done in 48 hours. It takes rather a complete transparency “, she explained.


    Ottawa announced last march that it would impose on the future allowances of members of provincial parliament, elected municipal officers and school counselors beginning in January 2019.

    The members of the national Assembly receive an allowance of 16 981 $ as well as a second prime for the transport of at least 8000 $ on which they will now have to pay income tax : they are going to lose a few thousand dollars. The desire of the committee of the BAN, made up of elected officials of the PLQ, the PQ and the CAQ, is to compensate for the monetary loss.

    The Parti québécois, it indicates they still have not taken a decision. “We’re going to have a discussion in caucus,” said the press secretary of the leader of the opposition, Bruno-Pierre Cyr.


    The office of the government house leader, it also supports that there will be “exchanges in caucus and in the Office of the national Assembly,” to this subject. The CAQ has not responded to questions from the Journal.

    The government Couillard has attempted, without success, to reform the mode of remuneration of mps in 2016. Inspired by the report of the ex-judge L’heureux-Dubé, bill 79 would have made it pass the base salary of the deputies of 90 850 $ 140 017 $, doing away with the benefits non-taxable. He also offered to raise the share of contributions of members of their pension scheme from 21 to 41 %. The lack of consensus has made it back.

    Remuneration of the members (2017)

    • Compensation annual base 93 827 $
    • Annual allowance for expenses non-taxable 16 981 $
    • Allocation for transportation (between 8200 and $ 20 to $ 500, depending on the size of the district)
    • Reimbursement of accommodation expenses in Québec city up to 15 $ 500 per year.

    Source: national Assembly