Doctors different frameworks of the State, according to Barrette

News 22 February, 2018
  • Photo Simon Clark
    The minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette

    Charles Lecavalier

    Thursday, 22-feb-2018 14:12

    Thursday, 22-feb-2018 14:12

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    You can break a contract with the staff of the ministry of Health, because these are employees, but not with the doctors, who are “self-employed”, said Gaétan Barrette.

    “In one case, it is a question which deals with the employees of the State, while, in the other, it is a contractual obligation with the self-employed”, launched by the minister of Health on Thursday at the national Assembly.

    Gaétan Barrette answered the questions of the mp caquiste François Paradis, who is accused of “two weights two measures” between the doctors and the employees in the public sector. The member of parliament for Lévis recalls that Mr. Barrette has filed a piece of legislation to break a regulation that would force him to pay 200 million bonus to former executives of the health network, made redundant during the reform Module. So, it might do the same with the agreement with the medical specialists, he believes.

    This bill comes after a defeat of the government Couillard in the superior Court, which ruled invalid a decision of Gaétan Barrette to reduce one-year leave of early retirement or severance pay of the officers placed at the door. The judge believes that he changed retroactively the terms and conditions of employment of its employees.

    Mr Barrette wants to clean the slate, valued at$ 200 Million, with a law that would allow him to evade this obligation.

    The CAQ supports it in this fight, but believes that it should serve the same medicine to the doctors. “The minister has reason to fight for the taxpayers. Moreover, the CAQ will even support it. However, the minister cannot say that he absolutely must respect his or her signature with the doctors if he does not with the former executives,” said Mr. Paradise.

    “The government can also tell the doctors, specialists and the catch-up pay with the Canada, it is achieved, it is beyond, it is too much. It can’t be two weights, two measures”, he added.

    After the question period, Mr. Barrette has taken to his vis-à-vis social media. “François Paradis persist and sign: it does not understand the difference legally between the two groups. We can’t be governed by people who do not understand such concepts!”, a-t-he lamented.

    “Unable to understand the difference in contractual relationships with the government of a government employee vs. an independent contractor. The caquisme is incomprehensible. Normal! It is basically non-reflexive, contradictory and changing at the whim of the wind,” he added.