Donald trump “answer” Jeanine Perrault: the Secrets and denials in the book, journalist Fox News : In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

Journalist Janine Perrault decided to restore the honor and dignity of Donald trump. By working with Fox News channel, the woman decided to publish a book-response to the bestseller “Fire and fury: the White house trump”.


TV channel Jeanine Perrault is a staunch defender of the American leader is Donald trump. A woman madly angered book author Michael Wolfe “Fire and fury: the White house trump” and she decided to answer, “the accuser and abuser of the” President of the United States. For such a good cause, the reporter wants to enlist the support deservedly criticized in her opinion, politics.

Knowing that Jeanine decided on such a direct step, Donald trump has agreed to meet with the journalist and tell her everything. The head of state confirmed his readiness to answer all the questions Madame Perrault and clarify unclear already set out in the “Fire and fury”. Book response that the assurances Janine Perrault to recover in the eyes of the Americans the honor and dignity of her idol, Donald trump, will be released next summer, and at the moment the woman discusses this option with one of the publishers of the country.

Recall that the scandalous bestseller Michael Wolfe saw the light January 5, 2018, and for the first hours of sales brought inventive author a considerable sum to the Bank account. “Fire and fury” continues to be the Top-selling and most popular magazines in the world. It is known that one of the American television even bought the author for six figures the film rights to the story.

Way to create a bestseller full of unexpected solutions and bold fraud. To collect the material Michael Wolff a few months visited the White house under a fake identity. The author assured the readers that the information provided is real and reliable sources. In particular, former Advisor to Donald trump and other close around the President. Some of those accused of libel in his defense stated that he considered wolf friend of the U.S. President, and it was therefore confided to him.


The book “Fire and fury” really exposes politician-billionaire in a negative light and talks about what Donald trump was not ready to rise to power and the government. Also in the bestseller, it is reported that the US President is not without sin and changes his legitimate wife Melani.

What you decide to tell me in his book, the protector of US President Jacqueline Perrault, one can only assume. Watching the life of Donald trump believe that the sales records of Patriotic outpouring of the journalist of Fox News channel just will not be beaten.