Donald Trump is the elected president of the United States

News 9 November, 2016

trumpAfter a long election night, the Republican candidate Donald Trump has managed to outwit the odds, early Wednesday morning, being elected president of the United States, according to the statements of the Washington Post and the Associated Press.
Just elected president of the United States, he said on Wednesday during his victory speech that he will be “the president of all Americans,” after a particularly acrimonious campaign that opposed Hillary Clinton.
“I just got a call from Secretary of State Clinton. She welcomed us, “he said claiming that the US was” indebted “to Clinton for his services.
The president of the Clinton campaign announced that the candidate around 2 does not address himself to the crowd during the night. John Podesta, the one by whom the offense of hacked emails by Wikileaks happened, said there was still a lot of votes to count, even though mathematically, it proved almost impossible for Clinton to regain the initiative.
Total victory

Republicans won Senate on Wednesday and so continue to monitor the entire United States Congress, providing a parliamentary majority on which the president-elect Donald Trump will rely, according to several media.
By controlling the White House and the legislature, the Republicans have the ability to undo the reforms of President Barack Obama, including his controversial reform Medicare dubbed “Obamacare”.
The control of the Senate, which is added to that of the House of Representatives, they will also have the upper hand in the process of appointing most senior government officials and judges of the Supreme Court.
The upper house of Congress, which was renewed on Tuesday in a third (34 members), had fallen into the Republican camp in 2014, greatly restricting the flexibility of President Obama.
Recently, Republican senators blocked and the confirmation process of a judge of the Supreme Court appointed by Barack Obama after the death of one of its nine members.
The new balance of power in the Senate was not known immediately. So far, Republicans held 54 seats and the Democrats 46.
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Here is the dérouleroment this historic election night:
► The Washington Post was granted 1h40 Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes, CNN and credited the Alaska. With two States, Trump is now only 3 electoral votes (267) in a confident victory.
► In the Rust Belt states – Wisconsin and Michigan – where he also led the slightly Democratic, too qualify for the winner. But advance beyond the one percentage point in Wisconsin, at 2:30, while almost all the ballot boxes had been robbed. Alone Wisconsin will confirm the victory of Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton.
► At 11:35 p.m., CNN and other networks confirmed the victory of Trump in the important state of Florida, consisting of 29 electoral votes, with a slight lead of more than 100 000 votes.
► At 1:10, Donald Trump was leading with about 48% of the popular vote, but Hillary Clinton could win the popular vote, once the voice of California duly counted, whereas at this time, only a third of the votes had been validated.
► Even Pennsylvania, yet virtually assured in Clinton, gradually falls into the hands of the Republican candidate. While Democrats are enjoyed great early evening ahead, its majority melted at some tens of thousands just before midnight.
Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City
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► Trump has also assured of a great victory in the state yet favored Clinton in Ohio, posting over 53% of the vote, with three quarters of the polls counted. Ohio has always voted for the winner since 1944.
Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City
► Only a turnaround in Wisconsin and Michigan, where the results remain very tight with a slight lead for Trump could allow Hillary Clinton to dream again at the White House.
► If the advance of Trump in these two states continues, he would win with the presidency with 285 electoral votes, against 253 for Clinton.
► By cons, an equal scenario (269-269) is not excluded, according Bloomsberg News. For this, she won the Michigan and New Hampshire, where again, the vote is tight.
► Clinton was declared the winner of the small state of New Mexico. And at 23:00, she ensured California and its 55 electoral votes.
► According to the New York Times , Trump had, at 23:45, more than 95% chance of winning the presidential election.
► In Florida, since the beginning of the evening, the two adversaries échangaient head with tight results at best. Trump regained the lead with nearly 90% of stripped polls, with a few thousand votes difference. In all likelihood, Trump is expected to win the state.
Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City
In 2000, when the controversial electronic voting, the difference between George W. Bush and Al Gore was only 537 votes.
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►Plusieurs important States had not yet released the counting of votes, such as California and Arizona. Pennsylvania also counts down slowly.
► Also, the Republicans were about to win both houses of Congress, ensuring absolute control of the legislature.
► Several bad news by cons are from Mid-West for the Clinton camp, including Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, all states that voted for Barack Obama in 2012, but that gave advance Trump tonight.
► At the close of the polls at 20h, Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner in five states, all traditionally Democratic states, including Massachusetts and Illinois and New Jersey. Trump took Oklahoma, a Republican state.
► From 19:00 very favorable preliminary results to Donald Trump from Kentucky and Indiana guaranteed him victory in the two states. Clinton, meanwhile, won Vermont.
► Not surprisingly, West Virginia voted overwhelmingly for the Republican candidate, such as South Carolina, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas and Alabama.
► Clinton put his hand on his state, New York.