Donald Trump passes from the Samsung Galaxy S3 to the iPhone!

Techno 29 March, 2017

Who said that Donald Trump would never change? The 45th president of the United States has just changed his Samsung Galaxy S3 for an iPhone. The details !
Donald Trump’s personal smartphone had caused a lot of ink to flow. Freshly elected to head the world’s leading power, Donald Trump used his old Samsung Galaxy S3 to tweeter or consult documents of great importance. Considered obsolete by its manufacturer, the Trump Galaxy S3 was not an example of security . But according to one of Donald Trump’s digital advisers, the president of the United States has finally changed his old Android smartphone to an iPhone.
According to Dan Scavino Jr., one of the US president’s advisors, Donald Trump has been using an iPhone for two years now . At the time of writing, the model of Donald Trump’s smartphone is still unknown. But in any case, the iPhone is regularly updated and most importantly, it is a US product . And what is certain is that the new smartphone of Donald Trump is cheaper than this iPhone to his effigy . And you, you do not want to change your old smartphone?