Donald Trump shakes the United States with his Samsung Galaxy S3!

Techno 15 February, 2017

Donald Trump recidivates. The President of the United States has again trumpé, using his Samsung Galaxy S3 to consult a report of high importance. Should we remind him that his smartphone is a non-secure laptop?
Did the Americans all Trumpe, choosing Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States? If he does not seem to be a lover of the undermining like Barack Obama, Trump seems to have trouble with the advanced technologies. An example ? His personal smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, released in 2012. True to its principles, Uncle Donald even refused to use a smartphone validated by the NSA . As if that was not enough, he consulted a report on nuclear activities in North Korea with an unsecured smartphone.
The Galaxy S3 by Donald Trump is not new. Victim of several malware, this smartphone can be easily hacked . This is quite disturbing for us, given the importance of the US president in the global arena. Judged obsolete, its Galaxy S3 is however more expensive than a Honor 6X whose characteristics are more muscular . According to The Verge , Donald Trump would use rather than a Galaxy S4, the same as Barack Obama had. Difficult to check this information but one thing is certain, some habits really have tough skin.