Double attempted murder: second suspect regains his freedom

News 28 March, 2018
  • Patricia Hélie

    Wednesday, 28 march, 2018 18:58

    Wednesday, 28 march 2018, 18:59

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    THREE RIVERS | Three of the five accused in a history of double attempted murder were back in court Wednesday at the courthouse of Trois-Rivières. A man of 27 years and a 20 year-old woman were shot during a physical altercation last Thursday on the rue Saint-François-Xavier.

    Alexis Lalande, 18 years old, and Jimmy Doucet Boisvert, 19, are accused of attempted murder, for having discharged a firearm and aggravated assault.

    The survey of the first will be completed within the next week while the second will know Thursday if it is still held or if he will be able to go in a therapy center closed.

    A third accused, Tom Drapeau, 18 years old, was able to recover his freedom, but under strict conditions. He will remain with his mother and abide by a curfew from 22 h to 6 h.

    Last Thursday, the five suspects are presented in a housing to settle a dispute when the discussion has degenerated. Shots have been fired. The victims suffered serious injuries, but were discharged from the hospital.

    In the beginning of the week, another defendant, Jonathan Tremblay Grenier, had also been able to resume his freedom.