Dream wedding: a couple of musicians travels the world

News 11 January, 2018
  • Zechariah Goudreault / QMI Agency
    Ségolène Roger and Gabriel Babin have played for a month in the metro station Jean-Talon, in the context of a music tour of public places in various countries to fund their dream wedding in Mexico.

    Zechariah Goudreault

    Thursday, 11 January, 2018 20:04

    Thursday, 11 January, 2018 20:10

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    Two musicians in their twenties who love to play in public places for the past three years to run the world and finance their dream wedding have captivated the users of the metro to the Jean-Talon station for a month by offering ten benefits.

    Montreal guitarist of 25 years, Gabriel Babin and his friend of heart, the singer, 28-year-old Ségolène Roger, a native of Lyon, France, met for the first time three years ago at the park The Fountain. A month later, they decided to go to Mexico, where they gave performances in front of the shops on days of beautiful weather before heading to another country in central America.

    “In Guatemala, I asked him his hand at the top of a volcano at the full moon,” said Mr. Babin.

    In recent years, the couple has played in the public markets in France, Portugal as well as in the streets of Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

    A passage noticed

    While Ségolène Roger had donned a wedding dress, Mr. Babin was wearing a suit and a captain’s hat ship during the passage of the “24 Hours” to the metro station Jean-Talon this week.

    In a month, they have offered a dozen rounds of singing, two hours in the subway station, raising each time an amount ranging between $ 100 and $ 150, while living unforgettable moments.

    “My most beautiful memory is when 20 people stopped by to listen to us the time for a complete song. I had never experienced it,” said the young man, who claimed to have received chocolates, poems, cards and even paintings on the part of the metro users.

    Income unstable

    In order to be able to keep 40 % of their budget to their “pot” for their dream wedding, the couple avoids the restaurants and count on faithful friends and random encounters to have a place to stay.

    “We live more modestly. We don’t do shopping, you don’t drink alcohol, but we are happy”, said the singer, who holds a master’s degree in communication.

    The couple has not been able to provide an estimate of its revenues, which vary according to the vagaries of the weather and the currency used in each country visited.

    The wedding

    Despite the challenges that await them in the organization and funding of such an event, the two globe-trotters are planning to realize their dream wedding as early as next year. Although the musicians are unaware of what will concretely this wedding, the town of paradise Bacalar, Mexico, would be their favourite place.

    The couple also flew to the country on Thursday to mark the place where could hold their wedding.