Drinking and driving: after an exit from the road, he hides in the forest to avoid the police

News 12 March, 2018
  • Dominique Lelièvre

    Sunday, 11 march, 2018 09:54

    Sunday, 11 march, 2018 09:57

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    The victim of a road exit, in the Saguenay, a man of 31 years has preferred to hide in the woods to avoid the police and an arrest for driving while impaired by alcohol, in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

    As the story is about lieutenant Denis Harvey, this is a citizen who called the authorities at around 1 a.m. to report the presence of a vehicle in a ditch near the path of the Grande-Anse, in The Bay area.

    Upon their arrival, patrol officers found that there was nobody in the vehicle. “So they have followed the footsteps and they are found in the forest north of the road. They have travelled 300 to 400 metres, with snow almost to the waist, ” explained the lieutenant.

    The police have finally traced out a man of 31 years, who was buried in snow to hide from police and not be arrested. Unfortunately, this is not what happened “, he added. The individual exhibited signs of hypothermia. He was placed under arrest and would face justice in a few weeks.

    One night occupied

    The man is one of four individuals who have been arrested for drinking and driving after a night busy one for the police de Saguenay.

    Earlier, the police of Saguenay had proceeded to the arrest of a 67 year old man on the street Bagot, also of The Bay, around 21: 20, whose blood alcohol concentration exceeded the limit permitted.

    A man of 73-year-old was also arrested for the same reason at around 22: 50 on the boulevard Tadoussac, Chicoutimi, with nearly two times the legal limit of alcohol in the blood.

    Finally, at 4: 35 a.m., a 29-year old man has been arrested in the borough of Jonquière, with nearly three times the legal limit.

    The four men are due to appear over the next few weeks at the palais de justice de Chicoutimi.