Drinking and driving involved in the death of a motorcyclist

News 22 August, 2017
  • Photo special collaboration, Éric Beaupré
    Mathieu Champagne Houle, accused of driving with impaired driving causing the death of a motorcyclist from Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil.

    Caroline Lepage

    Monday, 21 August 2017 23:47

    Monday, 21 August 2017 23:47

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    SAINTE-PERPÉTUE | A driver in a drunken state would have killed him on Saturday evening the father of a family who was travelling on a motorcycle with his wife in a row.

    Yves Lemire, 51, and his wife Anny Camirand circulated Saturday evening on their motorcycle on the rang Saint-Joseph, Sainte-Perpétue, near Drummondville, where they were stamped with the Chevrolet Cruze of Mathieu Champagne Houle, 32 years.

    The driver would have locked his car on the road close to his residence before going back to park in his yard. The motorcyclists have not been able to avoid the unsafe and were ejected from their motorcycle.

    Mathieu Champagne Houle was charged on Monday for driving with impaired driving causing the death of Mr. Lemire and the injuries to Ms. Camirand.

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    Yves Lemire, Victim


    The brother of the victim, Alain Lemire, practical motorcycles for 47 years and he pleaded Monday for the sentences much more severe for motorists who cause death while driving intoxicated.

    According to him, it would be necessary to revoke a life licence if they cause death.

    The man, 62-year-old also suggests that these offenders on the steering wheel are identified on signs along the highway.

    He believes that we should move to Québec advertising billboards similar to those he had seen at Niagara Falls, inviting motorists to share graciously the road with motorcyclists.

    According to him, the motorcycle course requirements are insufficient. “We are not taught how to lead for others,” said he.

    It is his other brother, Mario, who taught him that an accident had to bring Yves. The eldest of the family was sad, but not really surprised.

    Photo By Caroline Lepage

    Alain Lemire, Brother of the victim


    “There are so many motorcycle accidents, now,” said the one who led a Touring Tiger.

    According to him, it is more dangerous than ever to turn the bike, even for careful drivers like his late brother.

    Mr. Lemire and his wife raised their two children in Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil. Mr. Lemire led an orderly life and it was enjoyed by all, according to testimonies collected on Monday in the village of 1400 inhabitants.

    For several years, he practiced the motorcycle, which is a family passion shared by his three brothers.

    The man, 51-year-old continued to ride on his motorcycle, which he had recently acquired, even after the accident of his great friend, died in a motorcycle a year ago.

    This last was struck from behind by a motorist on highway 20, at the height of Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover, back from work.

    Mr. Houle Champagne will appear Tuesday at the palace of justice for his investigation on release.

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