Drowning in childhood by turning your Samsung into Smartboy, the add-on now official!

Techno 19 May, 2017

Samsung officializes SmartBoy: the tool that changes your smartphone into Game Boy. If you were a big fan of pixelated video games, you’ll surely love this gadget!
We already knew this independent add-on presented at the E3 2016 which allowed you to turn your phone into Game Boy, only this time, Samsung takes it and makes it official! After a two-year-old April Fool, this gadget finally came into being in December 2016 thanks to Hyperkin, following the craze it generated on the web. Nostalgic, curious and Sunday gamers will be able to make their Samsung a console thanks to this retro plug-in. It’s gadget, it’s a bit useless, but it’s fun, it’s old-school, it’s so 90’s and it’s validated by Samsung! So why not let yourself be seduced? Unfortunately, users of Apple will not have the right; We will have to wait a little. Pokémon Red / Blue and Yellow, Metroid, Mario, Sonic … Ah! The good times.
With this plug-in, you will be able to insert your old dusty cartridges of Game Boy and Game Boy Color on your Android device and replay to your favorite games! This accessory will cost you $ 49.99 on American and Korean Samsung blinds. For France, we will have to wait. But you can already get it … for ten dollars more on the Hyperkin site . Otherwise, you can always replay your favorite games via an emulator … but you will not find the good old feeling that the plastic buttons of your old portable console a bit archaic! Also in the retro vein, always in the universe Nintendo, also find the Uniqlo T-shirts in the colors of Pikachu, Mario, Link and company! Nostalgic ?