Drug trafficking : the police pin the four suspects in the eastern Townships, with a close Hells

News 12 December, 2017
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    Maxime Deland

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017 13:44

    Tuesday, December 12, 2017 13:44

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    The police have put an end Tuesday morning to the activities of a criminal organization that controlled the traffic of narcotics in the area of Sherbrooke, in the Estrie region.

    Three suspects have been pinned during the operation, called a Hoist. One of them, John Coates, 51 years, would be a relative of the Hells Angels.

    Coates had been arrested in the margin of the operation SharQc in 2009, but as several members of the Hells, he was granted a stay of proceedings in may 2016.

    The operation, conducted by the squad joint regional the eastern Townships, has also allowed the arrest of Jacky Gosselin, 35, Michaël Renaud, 36 years old, and Jean-Roger Boucher, 25 years.

    The four alleged traffickers were to appear Tuesday afternoon in Sherbrooke, under charges in the field of drugs.

    In total, 15 premises were searched during this investigation, which spanned several months. They have led to the seizure of large quantities of cocaine, crack cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamine, steroids, contraband cigarettes, $ 20,000 in cash, eight firearms and a weapon to pulse electrical (Taser gun).