Due to a broken pipe in the Parliament of England do not work 200 toilets In the World : Vladim

News 11 January, 2018

In the main government building in the UK has been a breakthrough sewer pipe, which now don’t work there, about 200 toilets.


In UK Parliament there was an unusual case. Sewage pipe of the building blew out. After that throughout the Parliament there is a strong unpleasant smell, and about 200 toilets out of order.

The problem is long overdue. For the past several years, the deputies said that we need to overhaul Parliament, the ministries had no money for reconstruction. The previous Prime Minister considered it inappropriate to spend a huge amount of money to repair the building.

Now the problem is much more acute. Prime Minister Theresa may will be forced to do something, it is already difficult to meet. For the reconstruction can take up to 6 billion pounds.

Is that parliaments continue to work. The main problem touched the upper floors of the building. In this case, MPs are reluctant to attend meetings without being able to visit the toilet.