During the court session with Katy Perry died a nun In the World : Vladim

News 11 March, 2018

Right during the trial died, one of two nuns who opposed the sale of the popular singer Katy Perry buildings of the monastery of Los Feliz. Information about the incident published edition of the Los Angeles Daily News.


The death of 89-year-old sister Kathryn rose, Halsman on Friday, March 8, right in the meeting hall, which hosted the trial. According to data provided by FOX TV channel 11, before falling on the floor and move into another world, the nun called for the star to stop, since the monastery will not bring anyone happiness.

The nuns named Holzman and Rita Callanan for a long time lived in the monastery, describing it as his property, but now its contents became too expensive, so they wished to sell the abode businesswoman Hollister over 44 thousand dollars and an IOU 9.9 million.

But this building was also targeted and Katy Perry, who offered a better price, which have satisfied all of the diocese except two nuns, who was to be tried with the singer for several years.