During the rocket launch in Japan saw a UFO : In the World : Vladim

News 5 February, 2018

The people of Japan saw a UFO during missile launch “the Epsilon-3”. The unknown object managed to capture on camera.


Next to the Japanese rocket in the land of the Rising sun saw the unidentified flying object. The device successfully achieved earth orbit, on Board a modern technique to explore the space. During its launch there has been unexplained and the strange.

Japanese experts considered the sky a UFO and caught it on his camera. The rocket launch is pretty impressive. The machine left a large trail of fire in the night heavenly space, so, as many believe, it is not surprising that he wanted to see the aliens.

The footage can be seen as a flying object passes from the strong light near the rocket when it gained altitude. Humanoids tried to get ahead, ufologists believe that are going to do the astronomers from Japan, which is why they can often be seen during the launch of the same technology.