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Techno 31 March, 2018

2018-03-31 21:58

East horoscope for April
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Rat during this period, your aspirations are contradictory . You will be prone to self-deception and naraian of mood swings . Therefore, do not make unrealistic plans , and try to deal with concrete things . Along with the great turmoil in all directions will have to set point to break the relationship with those partners , financial claims are overstated . Likely to encounter , which will lead to a substantial improvement in material conditions . The family will require serious financial investments and pecuniary compensation for any previously made debts .


During this period you will have to restrain their activity and desire that it may seem difficult. Will increase the tendency to quarrels with relatives and neighbors. When communicating be aware of your words, do not give empty promises. In these days of high probability of occurrence on your horizon an old friend who can support you in financial matters. Love relationships can end in deception, or lead to errors regarding your future together. Pay close attention to new acquaintances.


Financial needs more than usual. Warning: unexpected expenses can hit the pocket. This period will finally have a chance to achieve the long-sought goal, however, without hard work there is still not enough. It is very important during this period to maintain a dynamic lifestyle. In love now you are able to extremes. There will be new unexpected connections and Hobbies.


This time, try to live without the hassle and inconsistency. Source of income may be the case that you were for a long time. However, the tactics of “many at once” in this period won’t work. In an effort to make in your life advances and the updating circle of friends, try not to succumb to the influence of others. Stay strong personality and more rely on your intuition. In romantic Hobbies, try to avoid noisy companies.

Dragondo Not take hasty decisions as some of them can be divorced from reality. Complete the previously initiated the case. More care should be taken to the update circle of friends. The errors made by them during this period can lead to deep disappointment. Financial theme will largely depend on team work. Use these days for self-education and the replenishment of Luggage of professional knowledge In personal life it is important to note that some quarrels over nothing can lead to a trail of betrayals of the partner, and all through a deep resentment.


Overall financial situation is stable, but not worth it to risk Finance. Better to keep the nerves and forces. The living beyond your means can force you to seek additional sources of income. Solving non-standard tasks, you will be able to find absolutely incredible options. Intuition will help you solve career issues and avoid disappointment. You may experience a secret love relationships or Hobbies.


The desire to escape from real life, to be alone and deal with their thoughts may lead to contradictions in contacts with others. There is a danger that you will be involved in some intrigue. With your actions you can trigger an extreme situation. In addition, you will be so confident in their rightness that will not hear of tips or important new information. Business may be tempted to sacrifice everything. Excessive pressure on the partner and the excitement in the search for love can lead to many unexpected problems.


You will seek to go their own way, not looking at the most, gaining supporters and … gain enemies. One should be mindful of situations that can enhance your influence and credibility. Financially, this period will bring more comfort than wealth, more secure in the material realm than random successes. Time to adverse changes in goals, plans, career. Family Affairs will present a large number of small troubles in life that may partially dislodge from the usual rhythm of life V.


In a business relationship may arise overconfidence and aggressiveness in fighting for their interests. On the other hand, there is danger under the influence and lose your balance. Financial situation can change for the better as a result of some activity that is hidden. In love is expecting a lot of obscure, ambivalent. From the beloved and of the marriage partners can be expected action, which greatly disturbed the rhythm of life.


Financial situation will be quite stable, sharp fluctuations are not expected. In monetary Affairs, it is important not to start scheming, to play fair. The more diverse are the sources of income, the more successful and happy seem this period. You can easily get what you want. If you need a chance does not happen, do not take the time and effort to create it. Efforts will lead to success. Love this period of harmony and peace.


Financial matters will be under your control. And special concern do not cause. Chances are that in this period appears unstoppable desire to work in harness with strong willed partners. The presence of occult abilities and the ability to take energy from secret sources, some representatives of the sign to influence the opinion of a team and find the secret power behind the scenes. Listen carefully to the signs of fate and to your intuition. Love in these days will be bright and full of temptations.


Use this period of harmonious personalities for the manifestation of their creative abilities financial situation will improve dramatically if you use the advice of friends and work together to undertake pre-planned work. In many endeavors, luck is on your side considering all the potential don’t let overconfidence ruin this period, which should be happy in financial matters. Love theme during this period will be most successful and will test your mental and physical strength.

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