ECR : deception and manipulation (2)

News 10 February, 2018
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    Joseph Facal

    Saturday, February 10, 2018 05:00

    Saturday, February 10, 2018 05:00

    Look at this article

    My review of the day before yesterday, on the course of ECR generates interesting stories.

    Olivier (not her real name) is in secondary three in a school in the suburbs of Montreal.

    The teachers, he said, ” are not villains, but they are still propaganda “.

    Instead of presenting objectively the phenomenon of religion, with the arguments of believers and nonbelievers, the courts are ” deeply pro-religion “.

    Teachers are afraid to criticize the religion of fear that the children of immigrants go complain to their parents.”


    The subject of female circumcision, says Olivier, it has been mentioned in class. Excision is the partial or total removal of the clitoris.

    It is estimated that approximately 200 million women have undergone this mutilation in the world today.

    When the students wanted to learn more, the teacher said ” that this was not islam “.

    Female circumcision is practiced by people belonging to different religions, but why they felt the need to make this a special accuracy ? I’d be curious to know.

    We talk about obviously a lot of discrimination.

    The professor, Olivier said, always brings the subject by referring to south african apartheid and the struggles of Afro-Americans in the 1960s.

    And then, once we told this to the young pages of history which it of course must know, professor, “said Olivier,” an association between it and the accommodations “.

    Imagine the amalgam, to use the buzzword, you can cause, voluntarily or not, in the brain of 14-year-olds.

    The students, said Olivier, ” when they come out of the course make the association be-against-accommodation-is-being-racist “.

    All of this is subtle : “this is the time of the year it is, small step by small step “.

    Under ?

    A mother tells me that her daughter wrote in a duty : “It is right to ask whether the words of old bearded men written thousands of years still have their places in our modern world where equality, freedom of thought and the right to dispose of her body and her sexuality is an inalienable right “.

    The mother adds : “This sentence is a revolutionary has earned him the criticism of his teacher and of the students are muslims of his class. It has been accused of being islamophobic, not to be open to foreign culture and to attack religious freedom. “

    It points out to me elsewhere that the four attitudes towards religion as mentioned in my article of Thursday, are a year of associate it with the correct qualifier. Thanks for the correction.

    My point remains : ECR combines the rational discussion of the religious to the lack of openness and respect.

    The important thing is to be on the safe side of the barrier is ideological and moral. It is the indoctrination.