ECR : deception and manipulation (3)

News 13 February, 2018
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    Joseph Facal

    Tuesday, February 13, 2018 05:00

    Tuesday, February 13, 2018 05:00

    Look at this article

    I shall not be here to echo the avalanche of comments received, but I note first that the supporters of the course of ECR play on all the tables.

    If you are reviewing a manual, they will tell you that a manual is only a medium and that there are a lot of other.

    If you say that a lot of textbooks have been examined and criticized, including by Nadia El-Mabrouk and the Council on the status of women, we will tell you that it is the departmental program that is all-important.

    Opening ?

    If you are reviewing the guidance outlined in the government documents based on the course, as did Joelle Quérin, it tells you that you should trust the people on the ground.

    If you bring testimonials of students, you are told that your sample is too small.

    If you bring testimonies of parents, you are told that the parents keep defending their kids.

    If you report the remarks made by teachers, you are told that you should not generalize.

    Of all the objections that I have made, here is my favorite : yes, it is possible that a teacher pays into the proselytizing, but he did, too, and for a long time, in other subjects.

    I gave this an “argument” with the golden palm at the idiocy.

    Of course, through all of this, a lot of testimonies of people who are doing their best, see the issues, to me to express their discomfort… and sometimes ask me not to say their name.

    As always, the people most involved in the implantation and reproduction of this course to defend their status and their baby.

    They do not admit ever that this course should not exist in its current form.

    Why ? Because they consider themselves – and their about the show – on a mission of purification, of salvation.

    Their course is not on the same plan that a course in biology or mathematics or literature or even history of religions.

    They fight for the Good, for Virtue, for Progress, against the ” bad guys “, against the “closed” against the ” racist “, against the ” islamophobic “, etc

    Diversity ?

    At the limit, I could understand that one wants to transmit to young people to moral values through a strong ethics course.

    The problem is that the student withdraw from the course of ECR the impression that morality must necessarily pass through the religion.

    The religions, they are usually presented in terms of their mythical tales founders and their rituals, rarely confronted with the reason, non-belief or to the abuses to which they may lead.

    Supporters of the current RCTS argue a lot in the name of ” diversity “.

    But their love of “diversity” does not go so far as to embrace intellectual diversity, which would take the criticism.

    This is more than disturbing…